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5 reasons to go on a Study Tour with us

EAHM Study Tours is a tailor-made programme for universities, governments, or other types of delegations, to discover the landmarks of UAE combined with workshops or classes. Its duration is customised, usually varying from 1 to 10 days, along with on-campus accommodation.

Discover Dubai
Build international network
Gain hospitality skills
Local culture immersion
Lifelong friends and colleagues
Experience Dubai, a desert filled with endless opportunities and aspirations. It's no wonder it has been named Tripadvisor's top destination in the world for 2022. Come see the magic, in a city like no other.


The course will assess the role of social media and examples of writing marketing content to optimise the business value proposition. In addition, many of the digital approaches to marketing are assessed.

Through this exciting workshop, students will learn the expectations of social and business behaviour, best practices and conduct prescribed by social convention and a code of ethical behaviour among professionals.

This workshop is designed to develop students’ understanding of the principles and tools of innovative and sustainable product development. Students will be apply their knowledge through hotel benchmarking exercise.

In this practical class, students are introduced to bar equipment and create exquisite mocktails, smoothies, shakes, and syrups from scratch; hence, they learn about water-based and milk-based beverages.

This workshop is designed to familiarise students with the concepts related to HR management and the basic tools to handle numerous HR situations. Students will be able to identify, discover and determine career goals and plans.

  • Innovation and Design Thinking
  • Culinary
  • Barista
  • Destination Marketing
  • Luxury in Hospitality
  • English Language

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