Student Services

EAHM is here to provide full support to you, from the moment you enrol till you walk on your graduation and beyond.
We will make sure that your academic and non-academic needs will be met during your time with EAHM.


Wellbeing & Learning Support


The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management believes that a student should not be held back by a learning disability from becoming an exemplary hospitality industry professional. We offer a variety of support mechanisms to students including but not limited to: extra time to complete exams, pre-exam explanations by the lecturer and post-exam oral clarification of student answers.


EAHM is highly equipped with all the necessary tools to help make your learning experience better. You will find all that you are looking for in various places such as the library that hosts a growing collection of more than a 100,000 items in English and many other materials available in foreign languages. Students and faculty have access to e-books, online databases, full-text journals and other digital resources. Through the Innovation Hub, students are pushed to go beyond their conceptualisation of ideas through a more design-thinking approach.


For further information, please see the Student Handbook.

EAHM Student Community


Student Council

Our Student Council, elected through campus-wide polls, is dedicated to enhancing the EAHM community. They empower student voices, support various clubs, and offer counseling, fostering teamwork, dedication, and responsibility among students.


Student Clubs

At EAHM, student clubs play a vital role in developing essential social skills for hospitality and tourism careers, enhancing communication, teamwork, and leadership.

Students can join current clubs such as Football, Art, Happiness, and the K-Club, all led by their peers. They coordinate internal activities and host events, nurturing a strong sense of community, belonging, and personal skill development.

For further information, please see the Student Handbook.


Student Orientation


Through the orientation, students have the opportunity to:

  • Find information about student services such as housing, financial aid, community safety, counselling and career preparation.
  • Meet the Academic Deans, faculty and institution's staff and learn about their roles at EAHM as well as their contributions to student learning and growth.
  • Meet current EAHM students and learn about their experiences as students on the campus.
  • Get answers to all of your questions about being an EAHM student and academic life.


BBA Orientation Schedule April 2024

MIHM Orientation Schedule February 2024

Grooming Guide


At Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, we prepare leaders for the future of hospitality. As future leaders, your appearance, attitude, and behaviour will play a key role and it is our responsibility to shape you to be a success.

As future managers, you are given the opportunity to experience a dress code that complies with the industry requirements, while still being able to express your personal identity.



Academic Counselling


EAHM’s faculty community is highly equipped to support our students through our Academic Counselling services in regard to any difficulties one might face on a particular course or determining their career path. Upon the start of the term, all students are allocated to an advisor who will be a faculty member, throughout their studies. Additionally, students can also seek support from their respective Programme manager.

We want students to be able to make well-informed decisions about academic goals and achieve academic success. Course selection, programme planning, degree and module requirements, academic concerns, learning tools and resources, and institution's policies are all things we can help students with.

For further information, please see the Student Handbook.

Personal Counselling


Students may experience a range of problems that have an impact on their personal development, emotional well-being, and college performance. EAHM provides one-on-one personal counselling. The function of the Personal Counsellor is to detect, diagnose, and provide assistance and guidance to students who are dealing with personal issues.


For further information, please see the Student Handbook.


Health Services


It is required that all students and visitors have private medical insurance. EAHM is not a medical provider but maintains lists of appropriate medical practitioners that students can choose to use.


For further information, please see the Student Handbook.



International Students


The multicultural environment is one of the factors that makes EAHM so popular in the region. Our student body represents around 60 nationalities from across the world, resulting in a beautiful mix of cultures, races, and religions on our campus.

EAHM has a dedicated team to support our international students from enrolling to visa application, housing within the institution and all the necessary formalities required to reach the institution's doorstep and more, building a home away from home.

For more information, you can also book an online meeting with an admissions advisor: or open our Arrival Guide




The Code of Conduct is a set of institution rules and regulations outlined in the Student Manual. It defines the standards of behavior expected from EAHM students, and the conduct procedures and sanctions that will apply in cases where student behavior is inconsistent with the essential values of the institution. Violation of these rules is treated as misconduct.

Students who study in Dubai or in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are required to have a valid Residency Visa. EAHM provides this for students who are studying full time. A Student who is sponsored by EAHM for their visa will normally be expected to live on campus. Should a student request to live outside the campus, and if this request is approved by the EAHM, they must provide documentary evidence of their address.

Yes we do, our libraries are fully equipped with computer workspaces, team meeting rooms and also a dedicated quiet zone for those who need complete silence.

We provide single studio rooms which are fully equipped with a kitchen and ensuite bathroom. To know more, head to EAHM Campus

We have a restaurant providing a buffet meal for breakfast and lunch for our students of which the meal plan can be purchased for the entire term. We also have a coffee shop, serving snacks and beverages and a pool restaurant by the swimming pool. Alternatively, the campus has a minimart to fulfill all your grocery needs and explore your inner chef or you can always order food from outside using the many food delivery apps in Dubai

Our recreational facilities range from the swimming pool, tennis court, multisports court and gym.

Yes, we do have prayer rooms situated in the campus.

Our students and staff are here for you

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