Refer a Friend

We believe in the power of building a strong community through our existing student body, alumni and inviting our prospects. Through EAHM’s Refer a Friend, get the opportunity to be eligible for exclusive benefits when you refer our programmes to your friend. All it takes are 3 steps towards growing EAHM’s family!

Send your and your friend’s information through the link below


Wait for us to contact your friend and discuss their academic future with EAHM


Once your friend has joined you in your EAHM journey, you both will be eligible to avail exclusive benefits together!

Exclusive Benefits

You have the choice of receiving different types of vouchers as part of your unique privileges. Our staff will contact you and your friend to provide you with further information.


Incentives for Referrers and Referees:

  • Student Referrers, Referees and Alumni are eligible for a gift voucher in the amount of AED 1,000.
  • Incentives will be issued once Referee has paid the full fees for the semester and completed two weeks of studies.

Eligibility Criteria


Eligible Referrers can be:

  • Current Student 
  • Alumni

Eligible Referees are:

  • Prospective students (for bachelor’s degrees, PGDs, master’s degrees) who have not submitted an application prior to the date of the referral.

Terms & Conditions


  • To qualify for a “Refer a Friend” incentive, both the referrer and the referee must meet the eligibility requirements as listed under Sections 1 and 2.
  • All referrals must be made through the official online “Refer a Friend” form in the EAHM website. No other forms of referral will be accepted. The referrer may fill in the form on behalf of the referee, with mutual consent.
  • Both referrer and referee will be notified when the ‘Refer A Friend’ form is submitted. By completing the form, both parties agree to be contacted by EAHM. If the referee is not interested in studying at EAHM, we will not contact them again.
  • In case of multiple referrals for the same candidate, the first referral submitted through the above online form will be qualified to benefit from the ‘Refer A Friend’ scheme.
  • The new applicant must enrol in an undergraduate or postgraduate program.
  • The referee must complete two weeks of study and must have fully settled the fees for the first term/semester before both the referrer and referee receive their incentives.
  • No referral rewards will be made where:
    • it is prohibited by law.
    • the new applicant benefits from an existent pre-agreed financial agreement.
    • there is a conflict of interest.
  • Subject to the above terms and conditions, the referral rewards will be made within four weeks of the start of the referee’s academic programme.
  • EAHM may refuse any application or enrolment and may, in accordance with its regulations, terminate or suspend a student’s registration. In such cases, no referral rewards will be made.
  • EAHM reserves the right to suspend or cancel the “Refer a Friend” programme at any given time without prior notice. Any referrals received after that date cannot be included in the “Refer a Friend” programme.