Policies and Procedures

Educational Programmes

03EP02 Programme Specifications

03EP03 Undergraduate Completion Requirements

03EP04 Postgraduate Completion Requirements

03EP05 Course Substitution

03EP09 Dissertation Supervisions and Examination

03EP10 Academic Progress

03EP11 Grading & Assessment

03EP12 Examinations

03EP14 Internship

03EP15 Teaching and Learning Methodologies

03EP18 Class Size

03EP20 Academic Misconduct



04RS03 Student Involvement in Research



06ST01 Undergraduate Admissions

06ST02 Postgraduate Admissions

06ST03 Credit Transfer

06ST04 Advanced Standing

06ST05 Recognition of Prior Learning

06ST06 Student records

06ST07 Information Release

06ST08 Degree Audit

06ST09 Grade Approval and change

06ST10 Career Services

06ST11 Residential Life 

06ST12 Student Finance

06ST13 Student Discipline          

06ST14 Student Attendance      

06ST15 Gender Segregation       

06ST16 Student Activities           

06ST17 Student Council

06ST18 Student Publications and Media

06ST19 Student Rights and Responsibilities        

06ST20 Student Counseling      

06ST21 Health Services 

06ST22 Academic Advising         

06ST23 Student Academic Integrity        

06ST24 Student Appeals             

06ST25 Student Grievances       

06ST26 Alumni Relations           

06ST27 Student Non-Discrimination      

06ST28 - Prevention of Extremism, Radicalization and Terrorism

06ST29 Bullying and Harassment            

06ST30 Scholarship and Financial Aid     

06ST31 Campus Security         


Health, Safety & Environment

07HS01 Health and Safety        

07HS02 Equipment and Software Replacement

07HS03 Data Security    

07HS04 Appropriate Use of Technology Resources          

07HS05 Equipment and Software Technical Support       

07HS06 Sports and Leisure         

07HS07 Provision of ICT Infrastructure  


Library and Learning Resource Centre

08LR01 Library Privileges      

08LR02 Library Collection Development

08LR03 Library Loan Rules         

08LR04 EAHM Virtual Library Services

08LR05 Controversial Materials


Compliance and Disclosure

10LP01 - Conflict of Interest

10LP02 - Anti-corruption and Bribery

10LP03 - Copyright and Intellectual Property


Community Engagement

11CE01 Community Engagement        
11CE02 Advisory Board 490