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EAHM aims to be a leader in facilitating university-level learning, scholarship and applied research in the fields of tourism and hospitality management. The research strategy of EAHM seeks to lead the Tourism and Hospitality sector research and to provide actionable insights to stakeholders including community and industry partners, in the UAE and the Middle East through scholarly activities, which contribute to national and international development agendas.

EAHM's research strategy focuses on applied research which is defined as an original investigation undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge. It is directed primarily toward the specific practical objective to contribute to the development of the hospitality and tourism industry and expand the body of knowledge in this multidisciplinary field.

Research at EAHM aims also to inform the curriculum by providing a learning environment directly produced by the faculty. It is also to produce applied research that is field and industry-relevant and integrates sustainability and innovation as critical drivers of investigation. The strategy aims to be aligned with the EAHM mission to equip the next generation of hospitality business leaders with research competencies to succeed in their chosen fields.


Key Strategic Objectives


1. Developing applied hospitality and tourism research supporting the expertise of Dubai, the UAE and the broader Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in the field.


2. Exploring innovation including 4.0 applications for the hospitality and tourism industry.


3. Informing pedagogy with applied innovative hospitality and business-related experiential learning.


4. Encouraging international research projects with recognized researchers and institutions.


5. Enabling research and consultancy projects with the hospitality and tourism private and public stakeholders.

Research Clusters


The plan lays out the clusters that strategise the research agenda at EAHM. These clusters are closely associated with the interdisciplinary areas of hospitality and tourism management. EAHM’s research-active faculty will strive to engage in research and consultancy projects at the international, regional, and local levels in the following areas:

1. Business performance analysis

2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

3. Strategy and Management

4. Environmental, Social & Governance

5. Experience economy


The applied research objectives in the identified research clusters map into a multitude of scholarly activities which serve as enabling mechanisms for driving research output as shown in EAHM Research Blueprint.


Research Support

Research and scholarly activities are supported through research project funding and time allocated to research and scholarly activities. This includes the possibility of presenting the research project and outcome at an international conference and faculty development. EAHM has consistently provided a significant budget for research from the yearly operational budget.


1- Access to research and development resources


2- Research Capabilities Development (RCD)


3- Research project financial support


4- Postgraduate scholars’ assistance

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