Bachelor of Business Administration in International Hospitality Management

Fast-track your career in hospitality with our 3.5-year BBA programme in International Hospitality Management, recognised by three international bodies, inclusive of two 6-month paid internships at one of EAHM’s top industry partners. This business degree will allow you to start your global career sooner than many other higher education curriculums. The programme will equip you with the necessary soft and hard skills that will make you a desirable choice for any recruiter. You will be prepared for a range of postgraduate degrees, whether in hospitality management or any other business-related industry.


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Year 1
Term 1
(15 credit hours)
Term 2
(15 credit hours)
Term 3
(15 credit hours)
Year 2
Term 4 - Internship
(9 credit hours)
Term 5
(15 credit hours)
Term 6
(15 credit hours)
Year 3
Term 7
(15 credit hours)
Term 8
(15 credit hours)
Term 9 - Internship
(6 credit hours)

The General Education Programme for a Bachelor's degree includes the equivalent of at least 21 credit hours of course work throughout the curriculum, that provides a broadbased education and includes at least one course in each of the following:  


a. English language

b. Arabic language

c. Islamic studies 

d. UAE studies  


Refer to Policy 03EP03 Undergraduate Completion Requirements.  

This course aims to introduce students to the managerial dynamics of the hospitality industry with a special focus on event management. While the first part of the course explores the hotel business and managerial areas of hospitality management, the second part concentrates on the events business in terms of demand and supply, special events and planning an event.

This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the global hospitality and tourism industry, as well as its management and marketing practices. Students will be exposed to case studies, best practices and real-world examples of successful hospitality and tourism management initiatives from around the world and the UAE context. 

The course is aiming to introduce students to the fundamentals of Digital Marketing. It will provide an understanding of marketing concepts, strategies and practices and explains the latest trend of marketing including new coverage of online, social media and mobile marketing. 

This course provides a clear understanding of the issues surrounding climate change, global warming, air and water pollution, ozone depletion, deforestation, the loss of biodiversity and global poverty in relation to the hospitality industry. Students will learn the theoretical underpinnings of sustainability and apply their knowledge through a hotel benchmarking exercise in the UAE and beyond.

This course is designed to provide an overview of the financial management and accounting principles that are relevant to the hospitality industry. Topics covered in this course include financial statements, budgeting, cost control, revenue management, capital investment decisions, and financial ratios. 

This course is designed to examine the essential elements of customer wellbeing and hospitality in service-oriented industries. Students will critically evaluate the impact of customer wellbeing on the hospitality industry and the strategies employed by service providers to enhance the guest experience. 

This course is designed to develop writing and oral presentation skills to the proficiency expected of a student at the university level.  Before beginning any writing or speaking project, one must know how to think critically. Students will be given ample opportunity to develop their reasoning and analytical skills and instincts.

This course aims to focus students' attention on the operational and business aspects of running a food and beverage business. Students will develop their skills and knowledge in developing and operating a successful restaurant and kitchen. The course will introduce the concept and integration of teamwork, work ethic, food and beverage product knowledge, restaurant design, finance, marketing, service, sustainability and the latest technology trends. 

This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the culture of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from a hospitality and tourism perspective. The course will cover the historical, cultural, social, and economic factors that have influenced the development of the hospitality and tourism industry in the UAE, and how this economic sector contributes to the shaping of modern UAE.

This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the legal and ethical expectations in hospitality globally. Through a combination of lectures, case studies and class discussions, students will explore the key principles of law and ethics, and corporate social responsibility, including stakeholder engagement, legal aspects of responsibility and sustainability.

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the principles and practices of human resources management and the impact of culture on the workplace. This course aims to inspire students about human resources and culture as we believe that people are the pillars of any successful hospitality business. The course will cover topics such as recruitment and selection, learning and development, compensation and benefits management, performance management, and labour relations. 

The Professional and Personal Development course is designed to help students develop key skills and competencies that are essential for success in their personal and professional lives. Through a combination of lectures, discussions, and practical exercises, students will learn how to improve their study skills, time management, digital literacy, personal branding, presentation, and grooming. The course is designed to give students a broad, well-rounded exposure to different occupations, industry groups, career search platforms and training programmes that will help them to launch their internship successfully.

See below list of electives.

Students are given the opportunity to consolidate, develop and reinforce skills and information acquired at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) in practice. They will do that by immersing themselves in a real-life professional hotel environment. A 24-week internship in the industry is designed as an integral part of the degree programme. The internship not only allows students to put theory into practice but also to accept a large share of the responsibility for their own academic and skills development by experiencing a real work environment.


Internship will start in January/August.

This course will explore the intersection of Islamic culture and hospitality, examining how Islamic traditions, beliefs, and practices shape the experience of hospitality for both guests and hospitality professionals. Students will also be prepared to promote cross-cultural understanding and communication in the hospitality industry, contributing to a more inclusive and diverse industry.

This course aims to explore the role of design and visual communication. Students will develop their skills and knowledge in the use of design and visual elements in the hospitality and tourism industry. By the end of the course, students will have developed a strong understanding of the role of design and visual communication in the hospitality industry, and will have the skills and knowledge to create effective and engaging visual materials for use in hospitality contexts.

This course is designed to help students acquire and develop their Spanish/French/Arabic language skills. It will cover the basics of Spanish/French/Arabic grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. This course aims to equip students with their reading, writing and speaking skills in Spanish/French in a variety of contexts at a beginner’s level.

This course focuses on the principles and techniques of financial management as they apply to the hospitality industry. Students will gain an understanding of the unique financial challenges faced by hospitality managers and how to make informed financial decisions to maximize profitability. The course will cover topics such as financial statements, budgeting, forecasting, cash flow management, pricing strategies, revenue management, cost control, and capital budgeting. 

This course provides students with the fundamental concepts and tools needed to understand the emerging role of business analytics in organizations and shows students how to apply basic business analytics tools in a spreadsheet environment, and how to communicate with analytics professionals to effectively use and interpret analytic models and results for making better business decision. 

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the principles and practices of organizational behaviour and how they can be applied to improve organizational performance. The course outcomes are for students to learn how to apply these concepts to hospitality organizations and how to use them to create a more effective and productive work environment.

The aim of this course is to develop students’ understanding of the key concepts and principles of innovation in the context of entrepreneurial environments.  Therefore, concepts of governance for knowledge and innovation will be addressed to prepare students to understand and analyse how innovation processes are designed in businesses.

Tourism Economics course focuses on exploring the economic aspects of the tourism industry in the UAE and around the world. The course examines the economic principles that underpin the tourism industry and how they interact with various other factors, such as government policies, market conditions, cultural influences, and environmental sustainability.

This course aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge of guiding businesses in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of strategies. Attention is given to strategies for building sustainable competitive advantage and generating value for customers as well as society at large.

This course is tailored to enable students to acquire and hone their Spanish/French/Arabic language proficiencies. Emphasis will be placed on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in Spanish/French/Arabic.

  • Revenue Optimisation
  • Luxury Experience

The course aims at providing an overview of the key principles of research design as well as quantitative and qualitative research methods. This course provides students with an appreciation of, and ability to apply appropriate research methods in addressing hotel, catering, and tourism related problems. Coverage includes: the research process, literature searching, sampling, observational research, qualitative methods, quantitative methods, hypothesis testing, and measurement, data analysis, reporting research findings, and the elements of a research proposal.

This course is designed to help students gain an in-depth understanding of the strategic initiatives, project management, and change management processes involved in transforming a hospitality business or business outlet. 

The course will provide an overview of AI technologies and their applications in the hospitality industry, while emphasizing the importance of maintaining human-centred care in customer service. The course will cover a range of topics, including the role of AI in customer service and guest personalization. It will also examine the ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI in the hospitality industry, such as privacy concerns, data security, and transparency.  

This course provides students with an opportunity to conduct primary and secondary research in an area of their interest, applying their theoretical knowledge and analytical skills gained in previous courses in their programme, resulting in the completion of a research project.

Building upon the hotel internship, this course is designed to help students develop their professional and personal skills through a focus on business ethics and leadership style via business reflection. 

See below list of creatives.

This course provides an opportunity for students to gain managerial experience and apply theoretical knowledge in the hospitality industry. Students will be supported finding managerial roles within the hospitality sector, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other hospitality-related businesses. Through this internship, students will develop skills in leadership, communication, customer service, and operational management, while also gaining an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities of the hospitality industry. This course will launch student’s career.


Internship will start in January/August.

  • Hotel Design
    • This course provides students with an understanding of hotel design principles and the role of design in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable hotel spaces. 
  • Sales and Communication
    • This course provides students with an understanding of sales and communication principles and their applications in various sales channels, including online sales. 
  • Integrated Resorts
    • This course provides students with an understanding of integrated resort concepts and the role of leisure management in creating successful all-inclusive destinations, focussing on the context of the UAE. 
  • Contemporary Issues in Hospitality and Tourism
    • This course examines contemporary issues in the hospitality and tourism industry, with a focus on the UAE and global contexts. 
  • Design and Communication
    • Students will develop their skills and knowledge in the use of design and visual elements in the hospitality and tourism industry. 

See the completion requirements for the BBA programme here

Internship Opportunities


Our internships are arranged with over 200 partners across the world. The EAHM internship network includes major luxury brands such as Jumeirah Group, Burj Al Arab, Armani, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Marriott International, IHG, Atlantis, and Accor Group providing opportunities in various departments:

  • Learning & Development Intern, Burj Al Arab
  • Culinary Intern, Atlantis
  • Human Resources Intern, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
  • Guest Service Executive Intern, Madinat Jumeirah
  • Food & Beverage Intern, Jumeirah Al Naseem
  • Front Office Intern, Mariott International

To learn more, head to Career Services.


"The academy provides us with the education and background of hospitality. Furthermore, the students get help finding an internship placement in the world's best 5-star properties, which is the kickstart for our career."

- Intern, Burj Al Arab

"I gained a deeper understanding about the hospitality industry and also discovered a lot about myself which has helped me in my professional and personal endeavors"

- Senior Operations Coordinator, Magnify LLC

"Part of the curriculum requires students to embark on a 22-week internship to gain work experience (for first time workers), have an opportunity to build on previous work, and experience your field of interest"

- L&D Intern, Jumeirah Group

"With the internship program, EAHM gave me an opportunity to experience all the knowledge that I had gained during the first year."

- Intern, Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Programme Learning Outcomes


  • Apply knowledge and skills to design and deliver hospitality services and experiences.
  • Integrate a broad and coherent theoretical and operational knowledge of hospitality as an interdisciplinary field of research and practice.
  • Work together with key stakeholders to acquire and convey knowledge and ideas effectively to achieve shared goals in unambiguous contexts (General Education).
  • Reflect on your own conduct and the performance of others to improve their own interpersonal and hospitality operational skills and knowledge (General Education).
  • Formulate strategies for self-improvement based on feedback (General Education).
  • Be proficient in the application of digital tools and platforms (General Education).
  • Communicate and work effectively in culturally diverse environments.
  • Apply cognitive skills to collect, analyse and synthesise information to develop innovative and entrepreneurial solutions for routine hospitality problems (General Education).
  • Apply sustainability best practices in the management of hospitality businesses (General Education).

Requirements & Fees


  • Successful completion of high school programme with submission of transcripts in English.
  • English language proficiency of IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL iBT 71 or equivalent. If you don't have the required language level, you can improve your language and study skills with our partner language school ES Dubai, contact our team for further information. 
  • Recommended minimum age of 18 years.



Transfer Credits


We welcome students who wish to transfer their studies to EAHM from another university to complete their Bachelor's degree.

EAHM recognises credits earned at other accredited universities and applications for transfer are possible. 

To determine the number of credits that can be transferred, you must include with your Application detailed learning outcomes and the syllabus of the courses from your current university.


To learn more, contact our Enrolment Advisor.

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Our 200+ Industry partners provide a wide range of opportunities for our students. Depending on your interests and goals the internship experience can be in departments such as front office, F&B operations, housekeeping, banquets & events or in supporting roles for sales & marketing, HR or Finance & Revenue management. To learn more about internships, head to the Career Services page.

Classes are held from Monday to Thursday between 8 AM to 6 PM and on Friday from 8 AM to 12 PM. The exact timetable will depend on the term of your studies with classes being delivered in the morning or afternoon and time scheduled to complete assignments and research. There are no classes on weekends.

Yes. We have a range of scholarships available, from merit-based over-industry scholarships to discount options for alumni and siblings. Applicants will be assessed on an individual case-by-case basis. Please contact our Enrolment Advisor to find out more about available scholarships.

Yes! Applicants for bachelor’s degree scoring between 4.5 and 5.5 on the IELTS or 32-71 iBT TOEFL, have the option to enrol in English course with our language provider ES Dubai.

Yes. Admitted applicants can defer their application to the next available intake. Please contact our Enrolment Advisor to arrange the deferral.

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