The hospitality industry consists of multiple factors that shape a customer’s expectations such as an easy booking process, a one-of-a-kind stay experience and on-demand customer service for an economical and valuable package. Physical interaction is the essence of the industry as it is one of the most vital industries where a B2C experience can make or break a deal. However, with changing technologies, customers are increasingly becoming tech-savvy where transactions and customer feedback are completed in seconds. Metaverse could have the potential to redefine the future of hospitality and reinvent the concept alike.

From virtual reality hotel tours to hosting corporate events while vacationing in the Maldives, Metaverse is set to change the entire scenario for the hospitality industry by not only reducing travel commutes but also saving a burn in the pocket thanks to the latest VR technologies. Multiple opportunities to transform would positively affect different areas in the industry such as:


  • Hotels, where will be able to provide their guests with a gist of the experience of staying at their hotel.
  • Entertainment can capitalise on creating realistic experiences, making it a more cost-effective solution for places such as theme parks.
  • Crowded areas such as concerts, casinos and nightclubs can practice safe distancing whilst experiencing the magic of passed-away legends such as The Beatles, Elvis or even Michael Jackson!
  • Real Estate would give a potential customer a tour around properties or a chance to stay in one before making a purchase.
  • Education would be given a more expansive exposure where students from across the globe can be included in career fairs, study tours or even be part of the Hospitality Management 101 class!


The future of the new Metaverse world makes promises to better the pandemic-stricken hospitality world, changing what the industry delivers and how it does. Challenges are laid out on the road which is why there needs to be an increase in collaborations between the hospitality and the tech industry. Will the Metaverse and hospitality blend or will it be easier to stick to the traditional norms?